Gothic American Steeple Clock

The case has been carefully restored ,involving glueing down any lifting Rosewood veneers.Glueing back the broken Gothic finial.Consolidation of the paper label inside of the case to prevent further losses.(The label shows the makers name and how to operate the clock)  A replacement door has been made with use of a Mahogany substrate and an old rosewood veneer to match with the original in exacting style and form.I was lucky enough to find a piece of reverse glass painting  on ebay that is the perfect size.The clock door would have had something like this originally.The

Another one saved from the grave by Chris Roe at Furniture Restoration Manchester

Another one saved from the grave by Chris Roe at Furniture Restoration Manchester

Picture 340 Picture 339 Picture 343 Picture 341dial has been repainted and then a transfer print applied ( Supplied by M&P Clock makers supplies) The glass used in front of the clock dial is period 2mm glass complete with bubbles and imperfections. The clock movement has been restored by a professional clock restorer and now works perfectly.  This clock is for sale,please enquire if you are interested contact details are on my website.

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