Any Artists out there ?

Pictured below is a late eighteenth century Satinwood Pembroke table with floral painted decoration.I have a possible commission to make something similar but I don’t have the knowledge or the skills to do the painted decoration.Are there any artists out there able to do this type of work? Further photos show the type of floral decoration in a similar style.If you think you can do it and you live in the UK please make contact through the website.

Know anyone that could do this type of painted decoration

Know anyone that could do this type of painted decoration

IMG_0243 IMG_0244

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3 Responses to Any Artists out there ?

  1. darinka says:

    Hi! I am really delighted! its look so beautiful! I know I could do it but I know it is time consuming and could be pricey. xx

  2. Well I have to say this post was done with you in mind,I am pleased to hear you are delighted.
    I think you could do it to,but how pricey?
    I would really like to make this table,it is a really fine piece of cabinet making,would be a credit to both of us.But unfortunately I am not sure the client will part with enough cash to fund the project.We need to talk some more xx

  3. darinka says:

    Dear Christopher, it’s hard to tell how pricey it would be, It all depend on time and paints and particular design… I think it is an exciting project and we could discuss it. I would like to say that you doing a great job. I like your finds they full of character.

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