The craft

antique restoration

antique chess table

The art of furniture restoration encompasses all stages and aspects of handmade furniture construction. It requires a good knowledge of advanced woodwork, metalwork, veneering, marquetry, staining and polishing.

Wherever possible, Chris works with  materials that closely match the age and appearance of the furniture. This often includes the use of reclaimed wood,  hide and fish glues, shellac, beeswax and natural water stains.

Furniture restoration uses many traditional techniques to repair and clean damaged or faded surfaces. Chris uses materials such as handmade wax polishes, traditional hide glues and stains, while damaged parts such as broken legs or fixings are handmade. Restoration work includes the improvement of the functionality of furniture pieces, such as the renewal of draw runners, rebuild of the structure or ‘carcase’ of your furniture and replacement of missing parts.