Staining and polishing

Filling the grain for polishing

Filling grain for polishing

Staining wooden furniture restores the color and luster of antique or reproduction furniture. When done well, the process will enhance the natural beauty of the wood and add character. The process differs depending on the type of wood that you are staining.

Wood finishing typically begins with sanding , scraping, or planing. Any imperfections and pores can then be filled. Furniture’s colour is changed by staining, bleaching and a number of other techniques.

Once the furniture is prepared and stained, the finish may be applied. Most often, this consists of coats of wax, drying oil, lacquer, shellac, varnish or paint. Each coat is followed by sanding the piece down each time.

Finally, the surface can be polished. A final coat of wax is usually applied for protection.


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