Restoration of Louis XV1 style chair

With the discovery of Pompeii and Herculaneum, people grew completely fascinated with Greco-Roman style, now having more historically accurate ideas of the styles and motifs. The goal became to create chairs and furniture that were as close to the originals as possible.

The various furniture styles that evolved in France under the Neo-Classical period are quite congruous and difficult to separate. There isn’t a definitive break in the styles, but instead a flowing development of French style from prior to the Revolution up until the fall of the Napoleon Empire. Neo-classical style bears its own distinct hallmarks, but how these motifs are interpreted speaks volumes about the ideals of the populous, and those of their leader.

Thus, the variety of chairs during this period do not change so much as their details, ornamentation, and subtleties in the shapes of their frames.

This chair is an English reproduction of a late 18th century lounge chair made in around 1880.

Dismantling,repairing the component parts and reassembly of a Louis xvi style chair

Dismantling,repairing the component parts and reassembly of a Louis xvi style chair

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