Hare And Moon Bygone Nostalgic Chest Of Drawers

Here we have on offer our Hare And Moon Bygone Nostalgic  Chest Of Drawers.

This piece is a collaboration of talents.
Christopher Roe, Cabinet maker and furniture restorer.
Dar’ya Meszkes  Artist and Artisan.

A fusion of design style and use of materials.Marrying Retro with vintage and Antique giving a classical feel but with a contemporary edge.
Old odd drawers lost from their original use, abandoned ,found or donated,carefully and thoughtfully restored with use of reclaimed Oak and Mahogany.Including the replacement of all drawer runners to give a second life of smooth form and function.The drawer fronts are a contrast of light and dark with use of Satinwood,Mahogany and Ash.Some of the handles and drawer knobs are original to the drawers,or reclaimed replacements sympathetic to the era of the drawer.Beautifully designed Art nouveau Copper handles (Top right Satinwood drawer) Mid 20th century brass plate 18th century reproduction handles with worn patina.(Hare drawer) Museum Style (1930’s)sunken drawer knob.(Right hand second down from the top)Victorian drawer knob,turned in apple wood.(Third drawer down)Edwardian Pierced brass plate handle.(Bottom right drawer)1950’s filing cabinet brass handle(Bottom left cupboard),The top left drawer  was completely hand crafted  from reclaimed Mahogany,all made in the traditional style with hand cut dovetails.The Wooden knob turned on my own lathe and the design was taken from a late 19 century American chest of drawers.Designed into the chest are two cupboards,one large and one small. The small cupboard has been fitted with a reclaimed brass lock with key and escutcheon,adding a little novelty and intrigue.A great hideaway for a diary or some important documents.
The eye catching focal point of this piece is the skilfully applied  hand painted decoration.
Inspired by children’s books mysterious legends, fairy tales and old book illustrations.The Hare was inspired by the artists fascination of natural history. Insects and animals,old fairy tales,movement and speed.
The Moon Dreams,inspired by surrealism,the dreaming world and fantasy.
And the key  illustration,inspired by an old match box with key drawing motif.
The carcase is constructed from reclaimed 17 mm plywood ,giving a retro 1950’s feel .Each corner has been through mitred,displaying beauty in construction giving a seamless joint and avoiding an exposed plywood edge on the sides.The plywood has been left open on the front edge to enjoy the detail of the construction of the material itself.This adds to the design and gives an industrial modernist flavour.
The leg style is classic 1950’s design.A splay leg hand crafted in Beech wood,adding lightness to the structure.The wood was reworked from broken and abandoned 1970’s chair frames.
The drawer finishes have been reworked and polished with traditional Shellac and handmade wax polishes.
The carcase has been stained with traditional vandyke water stain to enhance the veneers and blend with the older surfaces.Finished in a modern and durable satin glaze finish and waxed with hand made carnauba and beeswax polish.
This uniquely designed Uber piece of furniture will compose well in many interiors.
We love this piece and we hope you will to.
Dimensions: Width 1200 mm Height 1220 mm Depth 442 mm
This Piece is for Sale,for all enquiries please find contact details on my website. IMG_9990 IMG_9989 IMG_9984 IMG_0059 IMG_0031 IMG_0041 IMG_0035 IMG_0033 IMG_0054 IMG_0025IMG_0374
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