A decorative Pembroke table from the 1790’s

A decorative Pembroke table from the 1790’s in need of extensive restoration work.Beautifully proportioned with two small leaves that fold up turning the table from rectangular form into an oval table.The surface is veneered in a flame Mohogany veneer ( possibly Cuban in origin) Centred with an oval sheraton fan design,made up of segments of holly wood burnt on one edge to create a 3-d effect this is referred to as pyrography(the art of burning wood to create effect.The top of each leg is decorated with marquetry of sea shells in Sycamore dyed green,also known as harewood. The table is crossbanded in Tulip wood ,originally a vibrant variegated pinkish in colour contrasting with the dark red of the mahogany but now faded to a light brown.The edge and legs of the table are decorated with stringings of boxwood .IMG_0827[1]

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